segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

Gifts unraped.

Honestly now...Either you stand for somethingOr you get knockedDown for nothingSister don't ache too soonI thought it was understoodBy everyone in this roomWho'd ever come upshortor won a raceSafety's just danger...Out of placeTruly now...People play tricks on your mindShadows only follow behindSister stay stillI thought it was the natureOf all on Malvern's HillWho'd taken a lead off third baseSafety's just danger...Out of placeHonestly now...If fate were to follow fortuneAnd clarity drowned distortionSister on alertPay close attentionTo fingerprints in the dirtAnd fallen feet thatLeave no traceSafety's just danger...Out of placeSincerely now...I requested informationAt a roadside stationSister it seems absurdTo be hammering pithLike a poet with a loss for wordsTrying to describe an angel's faceSafety's just danger...Out of placeHonestly now...Wholly in demandComing off second handSister don't unravelWhen there's nowhere to goExcept lawless travelAnd an end to infinity's spaceSafety's just danger... Out of place

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